Elevation Demi gene (Import Female)


Fawn Boerboel Female

Champion blood lines

Under 3 years old

Multiple ownership opportunities



Demi gene is a very young and muscular imported South African Mastiff female who has a royal Boerboel pedigree and champion blood flowing heavily in her veins.  She is both a great and granddaughter of  Goenburg Rambo being he is on the father’s and mother’s side. And her granddad is Elevation Dax on her mother’s side.

She is bred heavily upon Middlepos and Mes bloodlines. She has only delivered one litter of 13 and still has plenty of life left in her breeding career within the right program.  If you are interested please download and submit your application which can be found above if you think this Boerboel has a place in your home or program.


Demi gene was imported and handled by one more before us. She has made a great stride in her time since joining us here at Christolyst to become a proper Boerboel. Since she was only a breeding bitch to her owners before us, she picked up some puppy habits that she never grew out of which can be problematic for an adult Boerboel. She was rehomed with us when she was right around two years old and when I got her, she was a fearful scrawny thing who had no socialization whatsoever and didn’t even seem to have much leash training either which is beyond problematic for a South African Mastiff.

As time went on and her confidence started to blossom, as did she as well and now she is the big, bold, and beautiful Boerboel she was always meant to be. As of today, she can easily be housed with another male or young female once you socialize her and lay the ground rules to your home. She always respected humans but now she trusts them as well. Since I (Kal) am her primary handler, I do not have any problems since she trust me to be the alpha and provider but I do recommend daily bonding to solidify you guys new relationship moving forward . She is not one you can let free to run with your other adult dogs in your pack because she likes to impose her will. She doesn’t bully submissive dogs but she does not back down from aggression either and can even instigate things over food or toys that she doesn’t even want.

Demi needs a new home where someone will love her and take her training to the next level now that she has finally learned all basic commands as an adult Boerboel. She is not house broken, but she has the trainability to be so if her new owner chooses so and has patience. She has great protective instincts and is quick to alert. She honestly is just an enormous South African Mastiff puppy. In my professional opinion with a little love and daily routines she will make her new owner/s beyond proud with her potential and proven capabilities of her blood line.

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