Companion Captain Morgan (Adult Male)


Bred on old blood lines

Very Muscular

Wide Chest

Proven producer

Multiple ownership opportunities


The Captain is a Imported South African Mastiff male that is still very young and without a doubt a through bred breeder. This Boerboel is bred heavily upon old blood including but not limited to: Linjo, Bosveli, and Avontuur Bloodlines which are legendary South African Mastiff pedigrees to have. He has sired 4 Litters in his short but awesome life, all with exclusive bloodlines producing Boerboel pups that carried the traits exactly sought after in the next generation. He produced 3 litters for me and 1 at most for the breeder before me.


The caption was My foundation Male for several reasons I would love to share more about if your interested. Honestly I would love to keep him in my program but due to an upcoming downsizing and the fact I already have multiple off spring of his im willing to part ways with him to the CORRECT owner.


The Captains temperament is unmatched for a adult Boerboel. He was imported & appraised at a young age and been a natural stud since. He easily differentiates between home/protect and being in public/play time. He doesn’t mind other animals and is very explorative. He doesn’t wonder to far and comes right when you call him just as a well-tempered Boerboel should. He gets along with just about any dog except for alpha complexed males. He doesn’t mind being submissive to a female but will assert his will when needed if she is to being to imposing or wont get out of his dog house for him to sleep.

Other than that, he is by far one the best dogs let alone Boerboels that I’ve worked with overall. He is not food aggressive which is rare when your buying adult dogs, but I do expect him to be non-interested in his new handler and more interested in your situation your bringing him into. With him being an adult South African mastiff this Boerboel will need daily bonding and within the first couple weeks you will see a completely different dog. I’m not expecting him to be a house dog at his next home but im also not looking for someone who is going to just lock him in a kennel and breed him until he’s used up, his temperament is far more deserving of a comfortable work life to be treated that way nor should any

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