Black Diamond Zuri Puppies (call for availability)


Photos of possible dad 1 & 2 included with images

Very Muscular and athletic

Bred heavily on imported and black Boerboels for generations

Wide Chest

Multiple ownership opportunities

(Pet only or breeding rights)


Zuri is a great-granddaughter of Caberiet Son of a gun, Allens Virginia Decan, and Janieka Petro who are all legendary Boerboels . The Zuri, South African Mastiffs, is truly a guardian angel disguised as a Boerboel.  She is without a doubt one of the most well temped yet protective South African Mastiffs we have.

Her intelligence is superior and is on a whole another level from your common Boerboel that you see being bred.  When you read that a Boerboel is supposed to be able to read and reflect appropriately to their owners’ emotional distress level she is the Boerboel that they reference.



For a south African Mastiff,  Zuri’s temperament  is superior to most. She is one of those Boerboels you can take virtually anywhere. She is always fully alert, and she doesn’t mind getting the occasional treat or two for numerous local cashiers. She understands her job and isn’t bothered or worried about or easily bothered by other dogs in public. If you are looking for a Boerboel who reads the room perfectly then this litter may hold the Boerboel you’ve been hoping for.



Zuri is great with kids. She just lays around and or keeps a close eye from a distance. She will come by for the occasional rub or to snuggle up for bedtime but other than that she truly is a free spirt who wants to run with the other dogs in the pack. This Boerboel is most known for her preference to roam free and enjoy big open fields. She loves to go swimming in pretty much any body of water especially the creek that runs through our land. Zuri has a high prey drive. She loves using her speed and intelligence to hunt the wildlife that passes through our acreage

Litter Info

Natural birth

11 Healthy baby Boerboels

8 boys – 4 black – 4 tricolored

3 girls – 3 black


8 boys remain

1 girl remain


All our dogs come from  champion bloodlines and DNA conformation will be available soon for dads info


Once you have completed and filled in BOTH your ownership application and terms and conditions we will send over your contract for review based upon the information you provided.


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