When it comes to other animals Boerboels do quite well. They are best with animals that they have been raised along and live in the same household with. South African mastiffs can be quite territorial and standoffish with unfamiliar dogs though. In the event, you should remain confident, and cautious and emit positive energy when introducing them. 

They can also become competitive and aggressive with other Boerboels of the same sex, so if you have multiple or friends with the same mastiff or one similar then keep a small eye on that as well. Early socialization is the most recommended method to help keep Boerboel’s instincts in check. If you feel like you have done all you can, but everything just isn’t working then unfortunately that particular South African Mastiff may be best suited to a home where they are the only dog. If you find this to be the case and can no longer care for our canine friend, then feel free to contact us and if we can’t personally take the dog will do our best to help find a home.

That said, the Boerboel is a breed that is known for absolutely adoring children within the family and even others that you bring around. You absolutely couldn’t ask for a better protector for your child and family than a gigantic, agile Boerboel. Whether you love your cat but want a big friendly protector or have many children this breed is always a great choice for countless reasons when placed in the right home. 

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