Boerboels love companionship whether with humans, Boerboel friends, or other animal friends. Boerboels are especially known for being protectors. That being said, just remember they are large playful dogs and may knock over a child by accident if things get out of hand. It’s never intentional but it’s just the nature of their colossal structure.
Even I’ve tripped over my pups when I run and play with them. Children should be trained on how to interact with animals to avoid incidents. I say that to say, as adults it’s always our responsibility to be aware and to teach and demonstrate to those around us how to properly handle our beloved mastiff friends as well.  For example, we want to just constantly remind them no poking and prodding because we all know even the best kids get curious when left alone too long lol.

No matter how trained and docile a dog can be, playtime should be supervised for the simple fact we always want what’s best for any child. Plus, this allows the child to grow and mature with the Boerboel puppy or adult Mastiff as they nurture love and discipline hand in hand. Boerboels have natural protective instincts. With this being the case when children have playmates over if you’re going to allow them to play roughly you need to defiantly make it a habit to be present if the dog is.

We only suggest this because Boerboel may interpret play as aggression and not be able to differentiate the situation and may attempt to defend its family. unless you are normally rambunctious around
the house with your loved ones and Boerboel we just recommend this because it’s always better to be Safe and preventive. That said, the Boerboel is a breed that is known for absolutely adoring children within the family and even others that you bring around. You absolutely couldn’t ask for a better protector for your child and family than a gigantic, agile Boerboel. Whether you love your cat but want a big friendly protector or have many children this breed is always a great choice for countless reasons.

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