The Boerboel is generally considered to be a healthy breed with few known hereditary conditions. Nevertheless, a few things that they are prone to and may develop over the course of their lives are but are not limited to; discomfort from hip or elbow dysplasia, heart disease, conditions that affect the eyelids, and vaginal hyperplasia, and bloat. Other than those rarities make sure to periodically check your Boerboels’ ears.

What we are inspecting for here is debris and wax buildup and you want to take look weekly and bi-weekly at the longest. If any happens to be present make sure to give them a quick cleaning of course, after all, if the mess is light it’s alright but if it’s thick then the time is right. it’s important to do this as needed to avoid infection or infestation by pests like mites, ticks, and whatnot the best we can. Also, just as a precaution with any pup you want to make sure to keep an eye out for all changes and triggers in terms of behavior and health because they may also suffer from juvenile epilepsy or other rare condition commonly overlooked if you aren’t able to identify a common problem.

If you see signs of any of these conditions in your Boerboel, you should consult your veterinarian immediately. Once again these are rare occurrences, but we all love our pets and want to make sure we keep them as healthy as possible. Boerboel’s main need when it comes to caring is to be mentally and physically stimulated. The primary ways to do this are through strict training, exercise, and playing of course. Beyond that, regular care is fairly simple and easy with minimal effort. You should wait to clip your Boerboels nails until after six months or so and make sure you’re keeping them trimmed about once every two weeks, and their teeth should be brushed regularly as recommended by your local vet and there are even some doggy treats that help clean those pearly whites all while helping with breath as well.

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