A Boerboel diet should be formulated for a large to giant breed specifically tailored toward a Mastiff with moderate to high exercise requirements. Throughout the puppy stages, we recommend you feed your Boerboel at least 2 moderate-sized portions twice during the day. You should consult your breeder, veterinarian, or other professionals qualified for advice on what to feed your South African Mastiffs and Boerboel pups in terms of the correct portion sizes.

Their dietary needs will change as they grow from puppyhood to adulthood and senior age. Simply put it’s best to stay on top of these nutritional requirements to ensure all needs are met. Also, keep in mind the Boerboel is a very intelligent breed and as a result, they excel when trained in a routine manner. We also recommend you use the feeding times as an important time period for your dog to recognize what behavior is acceptable at certain times. Feeding time is a great example because it allows you a great opportunity to instill calmness no matter what age your mastiff is.

Everyone wants to eat and these dogs are massive sometimes and as a result, it’s your responsibility to make them realize that food shouldn’t excite them. Don’t get us wrong who doesn’t get happy about a good juicy meal nevertheless you don’t want a 100-pound Boerboel jumping or accidentally knocking you or your loved ones over either. At the end of the day, the South African mastiff was originally bred to be working dogs so they’re capable of more than we initially think. as long as you are calm and patient with them, they will reflect your energy expectations in no time. After all, practice is key and even dogs learn something new every day little by little just like us.

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