Boerboels have short hair just like many other commonly known mastiffs, so count on straight overcoats that are smooth and shiny. These overcoats on Boerboels will cover their soft, dense undercoats just like with other mastiffs. They can be shades of red, fawn, brown, brindle, black, or in some rare moments a combination of several. Some have spots of white on their coat, especially around the neck, face, and paws. The makeup of Boerboels are dark markings around their eyes, mouths, and noses, and some have dark patches around their paws. Boerboels shed an average amount and don’t require much care.

If you brush weekly it will really go a long way and you won’t have to worry about your mastiff leaving fur all over the house. Baths only need to take place every 3-4 weeks, and this will keep the coat healthy, shiny, and thick. Just like your own hygiene, you want your dogs to remain flawless as possible and reflect their owner, plus in the end, they will love and appreciate you more for it in the long run. Our main tip is to do your own due diligence on the dog you’re purchasing. For example, you can check the pedigree/bloodline of the dog you’re buying and make sure to actually look over the previous sires and dams (ancestors) it’s coming from to make sure you have the chance to get whatever it is your want out of your puppy.

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