A refresh of confidence on the Boerboels Dog

Boerboels’ physical strength is only matched by the strength of their devotion to their homes and families. The Boerboel breed is known to hail from dogs brought by Dutch settlers to South Africa. Once
established they were given jobs primarily catering to making sure the homestead was defended from hyenas, lions, leopards, and other dangerous wildlife indigenous to Africa. Today, they are prized as rare
pets, companions, watchdogs, guardians, and even competitors in canine competitions across the world. When raised with love you couldn’t ask for a better pet and friend for your children or immediate
However, remember with love and loyalty comes passion. Boerboels can be quite territorial sometimes. Without proper training and socialization, it is more than likely that they will exhibit aggressive tendencies toward strangers and other dogs. Don’t think you’re at fault most times this happens simply because it’s in their nature to alert and protect. Boerboels require plenty of mental and physical exercise like we’ve said before but that’s a lot easier than it sounds. Being systematic is really what works best. Being surprisingly agile for their size and very intelligent, the Boerboel’s need for stimulation of both mind and body is high.

If you’re leaving them alone for too long don’t be surprised if your South African Mastiff/s result is boredom and anxiety which in turn will ultimately lead to destruction. Mischief, when left alone, is common just like with many other dogs we own if not properly trained and managed. So, although rare or exotic dogs might seem cool, the South African Mastiff needs a home that can accommodate its size and exercise needs. A quality Boerboel Is a trainer who radiates patience, confidence, discipline, and respect for their Boerboel. In the right home with the right training regimen and with a little bit of time it’s no question

Your new Boerboel will be an invaluable watchdog and affectionate companion for the whole family..

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