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Christolyst is home to some of the most committed south african boerboel
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Who are we? South african boerboel puppies for sale

The Christolyst boerboels is primarily comprised of a small team of family members who oversee the day-to-day operations of the boerboel kennels and take care of the all African boerboel dogs full time out at Chirstolyst Farms. 

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We are members and have dogs registered with the North American Boerboel Breeder’s association (NABBA) and The South African Boerboel Breeder Society (SABBS). These two breed clubs of the oldest and most respected organizations for Boerboels in the US and overseas. All of our south african boerboel mastiffs come registered, pedigreed, microchipped, first two rounds of shots, and with a special puppy (“go bag”) kit to compliment you and your new little bundle of love .  These special friends are an important and a vital part of the peaceful symbiotic environment which we refer to as Boerboel island here at Christolyst Farms.

Our commitment boerboel breeders

We promise to thoroughly check and care for every dog. We believe diligence and proactiveness is needed in order to run a proper program. At Christolyst Boerboels we have some of the most exclusive female boerboels around and studs that are just as special. We can proudly promise all Christolyst Boerboels puppies for sale that we yield are premium South African Boerboel puppies. See our currently available Boerboel dogs to confirm.

  • We promise to strive and do our best to continue the restoration of the Boerboel as
    it becomes one of most prominent dogs of the future.  boerboel puppies pric
  • The Christolyst Family do their best for the boerboel dog Breed and not what’s necessarily best for us individually.
  • A Comprehensive testing is being done to ensure the healthiest south African boerboel puppies possible. We believe each pup deserves a good owner, and the right  to live a healthy lifestyle, with a future full of positive experiences and memories.
  • We always strive to find the ways to improve and never be contempt with how things are today.
  • The Christolystboerboels expect and encourage you to ask for certain things. Which might be DNA TEST, HEALTH CERTIFICATES, PICTURES AND EVEN VIDEO CHATS TO CONFIRM OUR AUTHENTICITY & IDENTITY IF YOU WANT. 

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Looking for a pure breed boerboel dog? As boerboel breeders, we always have pure breed adult female boerboels and boerboel puppies for sale. We house numerous imported bloodlines and yes we always have black boerboel puppies for sale too. Make sure to join our waitlist so you don’t miss out!

 We test for over 200 genetic traits and more than 33 physical ones as well

 Special Discounts on boerboel price for Veterans, law enforcement, emergency distracters, medical workers, and educators

             Apart from boerboel black puppies, 

We have all colors available including Brindle , Tri-color, Red ,Fawn and  more

New blood, old blood, and  improved the best boerboel bloodlines always available from a wide selection of domestic and imported Boerboels

 We have upcoming litters all the time ! See our purebred boerboel puppies for sale

Don’t forget to mention or ask about our referral program and process  boerboel puppies pric

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